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Doesn't it bother you that for OQ to happen Robin and Marian's marriage has to fall apart and Roland's family has to be broken? It makes it look like marriage means nothing because Robin met some woman he might like more than his wife and dated her for 3 days. Sometimes you have to do what's best for your child and in this case Robin and Marian should work things out for Roland's sake. Robin also owes it to his WIFE to stay with her, honor his wedding vows. That's what this story should be about


I respect that opinion. I understand why people think this way.


First off, Robin was a widower. His wife was dead. He moved on with his life, was raising his son alone, met a woman he had a huge connection with, and fell in love.

In no way, shape or form, has he left his wife. In no way, is him being with Regina breaking up their family. Their family was already apart because Marian was dead.

**I completely understand that love doesn’t just go away and if Robin loves Marian as he did and knows in his heart SHE is who he’s meant for and that they belong together and he’s not thinking of his love for Regina instead of Marian- THEN I think we have to all understand and respect that.**

But… I honestly don’t think that’s where we’re headed.

I don’t understand why Marian and Robin have to be married “for Roland’s sake”

If Robin is in love with Regina- if Marian is married to a man who’s in love with another woman- if they are in a marriage headed for unhappiness, HOW is that “what’s best for Roland”?

Roland isn’t losing a mother he didn’t have. He’s actually still gaining one. Just because Marian isn’t actively WITH Robin, doesn’t mean she isn’t his mother or part of his life.

There’s this idea circulating that the “right thing to do” for Robin is to be with his wife…but why? Why, if he loves another, should he abandon Regina (look at it how you want, but he’s with Regina right now, so leaving their relationship to go to Marian would be abandoning Regina), put Marian in the place of being his obligation instead of his first choice, and sentence himself to a life without the love he truly wants?

I really do understand the thought that they should work it out and I understand that NONE OF THIS is Marian’s fault. She didn’t deserve any of this, but that doesn’t change the current situation. Which is that Robin moved on with his life and found someone he fell in love with.

But while I understand it, I also understand that Robin actually fell in love with Regina and he’s not going to be able to just throw that away, especially when the connection was so strong so fast and he knows Regina is the one meant for him. Knowing Regina is his soul mate won’t just be forgotten..

To be honest, it all bothers me. The storyline bothers me. Bringing Marian back as a plot devise bothers me. Throwing the most ridiculous and controversial roadblock into Outlaw Queen just for drama bothers me. Hurting Regina AGAIN after all this, after finally being her soon back and realizing he loves her- breaking her Again bothers me…

But that doesn’t mean I’m not still rooting for Outlaw Queen and hoping they can do it without hurting Marian.

To be honest, I fell in love with the pairing and it’s gonna take WAY more than old loves reappearing for me to stop shipping them…

*Butting in* I actually haven’t watched OUAT yet (Planning to binge watch it when I get some free time, so you know, when I’m dead) but I’m majoring in psychology and going along with the whole “they should stay married and work things out for their son” argument… it can actually be more damaging to a child short term and long term for parents to stay together just because they ‘want to do what’s best’. There’s nothing that says a kid’s parents needs to be married. I know loads of kids who are really wonderful children and their parents are divorced. But a kid can sense when things aren’t right between their parents, they can sense when they are having issues and that can lead to a lot more problems than if the parents just recognize that their marriage isn’t going to work out but just because they aren’t together, doesn’t mean that they can’t put the same amount of effort into raising their child. 

I don’t mind if people who go to see the Castle cast film on location don’t want to share the information they learned on that trip, that’s fine, but then don’t go to your twitter and be all like “Oh my god guys, there was this one part and you’ll never see it coming but you’re going to love it and they’re geniuses but I can’t tell you anything about it.” Like seriously? You are literally doing nothing but rubbing it in our faces, those of us who don’t have the luxury of living in LA or don’t have the money to travel to LA that you know something we don’t know and that you think you’re better than us because you know this stuff. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s completely fine, that’s your right, but then don’t talk about it all. Don’t give us vague tweets about what happened, don’t talk about how cool it was to see what they filmed, just don’t talk about it all.



This is the moment for Castle, where he realizes that Beckett is it for him, that he needs to break up with Gina because he knows their relationship will never compare even to small moments like this with Beckett.  This is where the magic of their relationship starts.  And Castle realizes that what he wants is right in front of him.

perhaps, I thought it occurred much earlier. in series 3 as opposed to series 1 and 2 there is no great confidence he wil go out with him.

It occured to Castle that he had feelings for this women earlier in the season, even maybe in season 2, but up until this moment, they were just feelings, he always thought that he could move on, get over her and find someone else, hence the reason he was with Gina. But this was the moment he realized that Kate was his magic, that there wasn’t anyone else for him and that there would never be anyone else for him. This was the moment he realized that it didn’t matter who it was, there would never be magic with anyone else because they weren’t Kate. 

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